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Galilei architects disruption one partnership at a time.

We ignite breakthrough innovation through collisions between corporations, startups & academia.

Our belief

Every Company is a Tech Company. Embrace it.

Time is up for innovation theatre and expensive "showcase" labs. We co-create, launch and scale transformational technologies with our partners that build real value.

Next horizon innovation is porous in nature. It doesn’t happen only within the walls of your organization. It’s about collision of perspectives and capabilities with partners and talent from within and outside your organization.

Our solutions to reach the
Next Horizon.

Tech Foundries

In today’s world, startup ecosystems are a critical engine to corporate innovation. We build and launch tech foundries where top talent collides with key stakeholders to create your company’s next wave of disruption.

Innovation Studio

Have a business challenge calling for breakthrough innovation? We can work side by side with you to scope the problem/opportunity. We’ll then scout for fitting startups to partner with and drive delivery across the lifecycle; from prototype to pilot to scale.

Venture Development

If it doesn’t exist, we build it. Our ventures unit incubates new concepts through applied R&D projects that have significant impact for your company. If you’re not sure where to start, we can also help you define your new ventures roadmap.

What Galilei does for you

De-risks innovation through open partnerships.

Teams up with you to play offence on Innovation.

Helps you grow at the speed of a startup.

Surfaces innovative solutions to real business problems.

Attracts top talent to your company’s innovation projects.

Accelerates all stages
of innovation with new
technology & methods.

Meet the team behind Galilei

We’re serial tech entrepreneurs, corporate innovators and startup investors who can’t help but to live outside the comfort zone.

Stephane Marceau

Co-founder, CEO

Karim Aly

Co-founder, Chief Growth Officer

Xavier Herve

Co-founder, Chairman

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